Repairs and Partial Additions

Same Day Repairs ​

We understand how awful it is when you break a denture. We try our best to get you in as quick as possible to repair the denture to the best of our ability. Most dentures can be repaired in one day. When we see your denture, we will be able to address why your denture broke and how to prevent it from happening again. Do NOT Krazy glue dentures. The chemicals in the glue cause the surfaces to melt—making dentures impossible to properly fit.

Partial Additions

If you have a partial and you’re having a tooth extracted, we may be able to add it to your existing partial. We will need to assess the partial prior to your tooth removal to see if this is a viable option for you

Clean and Polish

Normal wear creates scratches that tarter and calcium deposits stick to making dentures difficult to clean. We can remove these deposits and the stains associated with long-time wear, restoring the shine and smooth surface that came with original denture.

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