Partial Dentures​

This option is suggested if you are missing only some of your teeth. Partial dentures maintain a healthy bite and prevent other teeth from shifting. They can be made from different materials (cast/acrylic/flexible) according to your unique need.

Cast/Chrome Partial Dentures

This denture is used when one or more natural teeth remain in the mouth. It is made from a metal framework that provides in stability. Acrylic is used in smaller quantities to match the gum so you’ll have the best fit as well as the most accurate reconstruction

Acrylic Partial Dentures

These dentures can be full or partial. This option is especially good for people who are missing several teeth and/or have teeth that may need removal in the near future as new teeth and denture base can be added easily to the existing denture.

Flexible Partial Dentures

This type of denture is similar to cast partial; however, they differ in the framework. These partials are flexible, durable, lightweight and allow the wearer a tighter, more natural fit. There are no metal clasps, but this style also fits over the natural teeth. Tasks like chewing and speaking happen more fluidly and comfort for many is increased.

One Tooth Flippers

This option is viable for those who are missing one or two front teeth. Essentially, a flipper is a very small acrylic partial that covers the affected area. It may be a temporary resolution before other options are explored, or a permanent solution for some peopl

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