Meet Steph!

⁠⁠Stephanie Yeats has thirty years of experience to offer her clients and students. Originally born and raised in Devon England, she started her career in 1988. She wanted to pursue her education in the dental industry further which lead her to graduate from the Dental School in Cardiff, Wales in 1993. For her educational efforts, she received a grant from The Prince of Wales business trust for Young Entrepreneurs. After this achievement, at the age of twenty-one, she started her own lab, “The Tooth Fairy,” making her the youngest technician to own a lab in Devon. While operating her business there, she performed crown and bridge, orthodontic, and denture work.⁠⁠

Proceeding ten years of ownership, Stephanie sold “The Tooth Fairy” in 2004 and moved to Canada with her family to pursue greater business opportunities. Since being in Canada, she has worked with denturists specializing solely in denture work. In 2008 she became certified as a Canadian Registered Denturist Technician (RDT). This allowed her to pursue further education and qualifications in Canada and has recently been granted her Registered Denturist (RD) license.⁠⁠

She has trained internationally including, but not limited to, England, Japan, and the United States. Her skills as a denturist technician are unparalleled; she is one of only two technical instructors in all of Canada for lower-suction dentures and one in only fifteen worldwide. She has trained technicians, dentists, and denturists professionals in her techniques all across North America. Stephanie is also registered in Ivolcar’s Biofunctional Prosthetic System (BPS). Her two children currently train under her at her lab in Duncan, B.C in hopes of becoming denturists as well.

⁠⁠Her passion not only ends at denturism—she also enjoys contributing to her community.  Currently, she is the president of Cowichan field hockey and spends her free time coaching the future of the sport.

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