Meet Erika!

Erika Colebank is a highly accredited Registered Denturist (RD). She is known globally for bringing lower-suction denture techniques to North America. In 2017, this feat lead Erika to be recognized by the Denturist Association of B.C who awarded her a prestigious title: “Denturist of the Year.” Her skills do not cease with high-quality dentures, but her business practices are widely regarded as exceptional. Erika’s strive for excellence started early and has persisted throughout her life and career. Born and raised in Prince George, Erika and her husband decided to move to Vancouver Island to pursue business goals. She purchased the highly acclaimed “Blue House Denture Clinic” from Dan Hardy in 2005 and the following year she was granted the Black Tie Award for Business Excellence in the “Young Entrepreneurs” category. In 2003, she graduated from VCC with academic honor roll and distinction, receiving the highest overall grade in her class. Since then, Erika has dedicated herself to becoming more adept in her field as well as encouraging others to hone their skills. As a world-renowned instructor for the lower-suction denture technique, she accepts and trains global candidates at her lab in Duncan, B.C. She also instructs people in the Ivolcar’s Biofunctional Prosthetic System (BPS). She’s passionate about denturism, helps the profession advance by training her colleagues in new techniques, and provides her patients with the utmost care excellence the world has to offer. Her dedication is unmatched and the Beautiful Smiles team is ready to create custom dentures for you and will not quit until you’re satisfied with your new teeth.

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