How Long Do Dentures Last?

Frequently Asked Questions: How long do dentures last?

Due to normal wear, changes to your jaw bone and bite position, your denturist may need to remake your dentures, or partially reconstruct them, with a denture rebase.

Dentures usually need replacing every five to eight years. The quality of denture teeth and your chewing/grinding habits will influence how long the teeth will last for. eg: If you have a habit of clenching and/or grinding, your dentures will wear out sooner. When denture teeth have worn smooth, when you bite down and your lower teeth stick out farther than they used to, or you notice the lower part of your face has lost support and aging you, it is time for a new set. Just as driving a car with worn-down tread is dangerous, wearing dentures with worn-down teeth can cause irreversible damage to the jaw joint.

If the teeth are still in good condition and you are chewing well, but the fit is loose or hurts, you may just require a rebase. Rebasing involves taking an impression in you dentures, then replacing the impression and the entire pink part of your denture with new pink acrylic. This makes the denture tighter, stronger, and more hygienic while keeping the teeth in the exact same position.

You should have your mouth and dentures evaluated annually. If there is significant wear, fractures, or deterioration of the dentures, new dentures may be indicated. Of course, it may be acceptable to repair or rebase the dentures, rather than remake them. Your denturist will advise you regarding the best option.

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