Denture Refitting​

Getting your denture refitted is essential to maintain the correct fit, preserve the bone structure, and to avoid premature wear to the teeth. The older the denture is, usually the looser it will be in your mouth. There are ridges in your mouth that help stabilize a denture. These ridges naturally shrink over time making the denture fit improperly.  Dentures should be refitted every two to three years to restore optimum fit and function.  Refitting effects only the fit of your denture and will not change the appearance or address any wear of the denture teeth.  


Rebasing consists of removing and adding all new pink material to the entire denture to ensure a snug fit. This procedure is the most hygienic way of refitting your denture.


Relining consists of removing and adding some of the pink acrylic material to ensure a snug fit.

Soft Liners

Rubbery liner to the complete lower denture. For people with advanced bone loss. It cushions the denture to prevent the rubbing and uncomfortable friction

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