COVID-19 Safety Measures

Your safety is our top priority. We are taking extra measures to protect you and our staff during these times, so we have new safety measures in place.

-You will be asked a few routine questions about travel and your health. If you have travelled or are not feeling well, please stay home. We will rebook your appointment for a later date.

-The staff will send you all the necessary forms via email. These can be filled out immediately, but please try to fill it out two days prior to your exam. This will avoid paperwork delays in the office.

-When you arrive at the office for your appointment, please call us, and we will let you know when we are ready for your appointment. This will allow us to avoid too many people in the office.

-You will be asked to sanitize your hands on arrival, and once in the chair room, we ask you to sanitize your hands, scrub your dentures and use mouthwash for 30 seconds.

-We are limiting our conversational pleasantries to keep everyone safe. Your health and safety is our top priority.

-Staff will be wearing masks, face shields/safety glasses and gowns during all procedures.

-All equipment, chairs and surfaces are cleaned and sanitized after each patient. All instruments and tools are sterilized after each patient.

-If you are in need of an adjustment or denture service please call us, and we will schedule you an appointment.

-Our front desks are equipped with Plexiglas shields, hand sanitizer, gloves, and masks.

We know that these are challenging times and can lead to higher stress levels. If you have any questions regarding our safety measures, please contact us by phone or email. The Beautiful Smiles Denture Clinic team is ready to serve you in a safe environment. We look forward to seeing you soon!

PPE Recycling Program

We have some very EXCITING news!! 

Vitacore, a company in Burnaby BC, has developed Canada’s first PPE Recycling Program. They turn used PPE into Polypropylene (Plastic pellets). Polypropylene is a durable plastic with many uses and applications such as Concrete reinforcement, exterior sidings, carpeting, and much more. 

We have a mixed PPE recycling bin for our clinic and a mask recycling bin for our patients! If you have old disposable masks, come by and take advantage of our recycling bins!! 

For more information about Vitacore, visit:

Mask Recycling Program: Update

We are SHOCKED at the quantity of gloves and masks we used in 2.5 days at our clinic. It is sickening to think of how much PPE waste we generate each year, that goes directly into the landfills. Join us and order Vitacore PPE recycling boxes for your workplaces. This company is in Burnaby BC, and is rocking our world right now! Thank you Vitacore!

We are so happy to have filled a second mixed PPE recycling box from Vitacore. Each box holds approximately 1800 masks & gloves!

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