Dental Coverage

Canada Dental Plan (CDCP)

This information has been added April 30, 2024 and will update as the government makes changes to the Canada Dental Plan (CDCP).

We gladly accept the new Canada Dental Plan! Please be aware, that despite being told you are 100% covered, you unfortunately are not. The CDCP has its own unique fees and timelines that are not in line with the standards of our British Columbia dental and denturist associations. They pay less than the British Columbia fee schedule and only allow new dentures every eight years: 3 years longer than dental insurance companies allow.

The CDCP is currently allowing:
* New complete dentures (first denture and replacement dentures)
* Partial dentures (replacement only)
*Relines, rebases, tissue conditioners, adjustments

Denture Procedures CDCP will allow in November 2024:
* First partial denture
* Denture Repairs

To find out what you are covered for, and what you will owe, please call to book a consultation appointment! We will need your dental card from Sunlife when you book your consultation. 

If you have questions or comments about the shortfall of this new coverage, please speak with our local MP Alistair MacGregor!
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Duncan, BC V9L 1P1

Status Dental Coverage for First Nations

First Nations Peoples with Status are 100% covered!
* New dentures every 5 years
* Rebases/relines every 2 years
* Repairs
* Adjustments

Private Dental Insurance

We accept all private dental insurance plans, such as Blue Cross, Canada Life, Great West Life, Sunlife, Co-Operators, Green Shield, etc.

We will send your insurance a pre-authorization to find out what you are covered for to help you plan your treatment. We will bill your insurance directly and collect your patient portion of the cost. 

Repairs: We do not direct bill your insurance for repairs. This is because denture repairs need to be fixed before we can get a pre-authorization for what they will pay. You will pay for the repair and we will send a claim on your behalf. Your insurance will reimburse you directly. 

Immediate Dentures: Because your dentist must claim your insurance for extracting your teeth before we can claim for your dentures, any pre-authorizations we receive are rarely accurate. In many cases the yearly limit on the insurance plan will be used up by the dentist before we send our claim in. For this reason, we do not direct bill your insurance for immediate dentures, but we are happy to help you apply for reimbursement. 

Dual Insurance: We will direct bill to your primary insurance and you will pay the patient portion. We will help you with the paperwork to send your claim to your secondary insurance on your behalf; your secondary insurance will reimburse you directly. 

BC Ministry of Social Development & Poverty Reduction

This government funding provides very basic coverage at reduced rates from the British Columbia dental fee schedule. Please bring your Care Card to your consultation appointment and we will find out what coverage you have and your patient portion owning.

Emergency Ministry Coverage: This does not allow any denture work. It is meant for emergency procedures with your dentist. 

Worksafe BC and ICBC

We are happy to direct bill Worksafe BC and ICBC claims! We will need your claim number and the contact for your claim manager when you come in for your consultation appointment.

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